New Addition to Playground to be Installed this Summer

At the last Board of Education meeting, the Board approved providing the remaining funds needed for the wheelchair accessible "booster addition" to be added to the existing playground structure closest to the school. The Emerson PTO had raised through grant writing, private donations and fundraisers 30% of the funds needed for this $56,310 booster addition.

The booster addition includes wheelchair accessible ramps to new sensory panels and a "Sway Fun Glider". To see a Sway Fun in action, go to:

We are planning to install the addition some time this summer through a community volunteer build. Please be on the look out for more details in the coming weeks, as we will need lots of help to install this new equipment.

And, a very big thank you to the District and its Building Services team for helping us reach another milestone in our inclusive playground project!

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