Initial Draft Plans from Gerber Leisure - Option 1

Here is a bird's eye view of an initial draft entitled Option 1 by Gerber Leisure showing the location of possible additions to the existing playground structure. Please note the layout does not illustrate the existing gardens and stage.

This option was created using the existing structure that is closest to the building and adding an addition that is ramp accessible. It has some sensory features like the Sway Fun and the Rollerslide and brings inclusivity to this area. A pathway was created in this plan to connect the ramped access addition to the rest of the playground. Gerber created some play “pods” along the pathway that include some inclusive components that would be fun for everyone. One area includes a WeeSaw which is a four person seesaw with backrests and seat belts. Another area includes an OmniSpin which is a new, easily accessed Merry-Go-Round . Yet another area includes some ground level fun, with Ozone Rings, Log Stepping stones, Saddle Spinners, Wobble Pod, Spring Platform, a Stationary cycler handles and Talk Tubes.The last area on this plan is a 6 place swing area with two full molded bucket seats with molded harnesses. This draft has it located it near the other old play structure with a pathway attaching it to the other areas.

For 3d imaging of option 1, click here.

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